Thursday, 6 January 2011

Battle Plans

We had something of a long wait for the appointment today.  Two and half hours at least.  Longer than an Australian test innings (sorry, couldn't resist that - haven't been able to say it much in my lifetime). 

It's not the most attractive or comfortable waiting room either and we hadn't thought about food.  It was veggie soup from the machine and a late afternoon rush to a well known but over priced food and coffee outlet to throw money at the problem.  I don't know how many times we have sat in that room over the last few years but I only realised today that the drinks from the machine are free.  I'm a lawyer - details like this are supposedly my strong point.

I remember now that, with each step, you learn and understand a little more.  The plan is to start the treatment on Monday or Tuesday next week.  There are blood and kidney tests to do first and there might not be a bed but that's the plan.  Each cycle of treatment will start with 3-4 days in hospital then, if Janine is well enough, home for 21 days to recover before the next cycle begins.  

We had thought there would be six cycles originally but it could be that two will be enough.  That would mean finishing much earlier than we had feared but we shall see.  Janine is officially 'special' and so there could be tests after the first cycle to see how she and the tumours are responding.  The potential side effects are what you would expect and the doctor we saw today described this regime as 'potent' which I thought was a good word.  Added to the side effects is the small risk that this treatment may also result in a secondary malignancy years down the line - this time leukaemia.  This stuff obviously messes with your cells as well as your head.

I'll post a picture of the hospital for those who would like to see where Janine will be.  She will have a room to herself on the 13th or 16th floor so the views should be good if nothing else.

Tonight she is pretty wiped and the lump in her neck has grown and is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  A few more days won't be a problem in that respect but it will be good to get started.  Then again, do we have to ? 

Thanks again for all the prayers and the messages and txts.

Now, how long are England going to take to finish this off.  I need an early night.


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