Friday, 14 January 2011

Something for the Weekend

I realised this morning that it would be impossible (and stretch your patience) if I were to try and blog every time there was a change in how Janine is feeling during her chemotherapy.

However, just to let you know if you read last night’s blog, that the problem was the PICC line being inserted too far so that the drugs were delivered too quickly.  Once that had been sorted, Janine began to feel much better.  She seems to have done well during the day and is about to have the Rituximab which according to the latest member of the team, chemo nurse ‘Sunderland’ Fiona, could make her feel a bit funny and requires observation every 15 minutes.  Interesting.

One thing that has been clear this week is just how far technology has moved on in 6 years.  Mobile phones on wards are now not an issue, I can sit in the room and send emails, there is Facebook and blogging etc etc …. In that spirit (and for the detailed nerdy types among you) I am going to post a copy of Janine’s drug schedule which she photographed and sent through to me. 

As you will see, she could be ready to come home at some point on Sunday.

I’ll let you know when Janine is home and what things look like from there.  Otherwise, barring any major developments, I’ll be quiet.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  

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