Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lessons Learned

I learnt two things this evening.   

Sainsburys won’t deliver to under 18s.

My difficult and complicated relationship with the drawers in our freezer has finally broken down, possibly irretrievably.

Fortunately, I was only 5 minutes from home when I learnt the first lesson.  As for the second, the emotions are still too raw for me to share too much.  I will work towards reconciliation at the weekend.

There is not much to tell you otherwise so I thought I would include a couple more photos for your general entertainment and, I hope, delight.  Janine is particularly proud of the pictures of the sun rising over St. Paul’s and the City.  She has had a good day, is not feeling too unwell and should be finished by Friday morning so that we can get her home for the weekend.

There is one development which I almost don’t want to tell you, partly because I can’t find the right analogy.  I feel as though I keep writing confidently that the treatment regime is so many cycles and then scans, only to come back almost immediately to say it has changed.  The development is that we might not be looking at just three cycles of treatment.   

Janine saw the head of the haematology team yesterday morning and, when she asked whether the three cycles would be it, he said he isn’t sure and he wants to see at the end what else might need to be done.  That means that we might be looking at a longer period of treatment than we had thought, which wouldn’t be great.  On the other hand we might not.  It’s a question of patience and waiting and, as I was reminded again last night, taking a day at a time.  

I am learning gradually what that means and the release it can bring but it does not come naturally to me.  I have what I fear is an overdeveloped longing for the certainty none of us can actually ever have.  I can imagine some of you nodding slowly as you read this, either in recognition of the same trait in yourselves or because it doesn't take too much to analyse the personality traits at work here.  Jesus really was right though.  Don't worry about tomorrow, there is enough to be concerned about in today.  And as Forrest Gump might say, that's all I have to say about that.

Now, the photos:


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