Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday Night Fever

Well thankfully not but Saturday Night Slightly Raised Temperature and Vomiting doesn’t really work, would never have made it as an iconic film and certainly doesn’t scan well to that unique Bee Gees disco sound.

Vomiting and a slightly raised temperature is however where Janine is at on this Saturday night.  She wasn’t feeling well enough to come home on Friday and hasn’t really recovered from there.  For some reason, the anti sickness drug that worked miraculously two weeks ago isn’t working this time and it is trial and error with different drugs to see what will work.  She hasn’t been eating though she was starting to give that a go when I left the hospital this evening.  She’s not sure she is going to be ready to come home tomorrow either unless she really turns a corner in the morning.  If we get to Monday, she will have been in hospital for a week which was not what we were hoping for.  Still, it is better to get the sickness under control there than to try at home.  She is feeling pretty low emotionally as well, as I am sure you can imagine.  

With Ellie away in Bristol, home is, of course, a male dominated environment at the moment.  For those of you concerned about that and what Janine might find when she returns, I can put your minds at rest, not least because my wonderful, wonderful parents and sister were round on Thursday to make sure everything is clean but also because I like to think that recent experience has given me standards that I am not about to let slip.  I said to Janine this evening that I don’t feel as though I am spinning plates so much as juggling a whole number of balls.  My fear is that I have thrown one so high that I have forgotten it is up there and it is about to land next to me with a dull but embarrassing thud.

Ben and Sam are my heroes of the hour simply for getting on with life over these last few days and not creating any fuss or difficulty or any extra demands.  Today has been a full on Saturday in which we have managed to get Ben to football first thing (well 10 minutes into the warm up), discuss his A level predictions and uni preferences, fix kitchen cupboards, change light bulbs, rearrange some of the shed, test the fire alarm (I hate those adverts on the radio they are not good for people like me), enjoy espresso based hot beverages and bacon and egg sandwiches (Italian spiced meatballs and spaghetti in Ben’s case – thanks Mrs. Mehta), wrap a birthday present, get Sam to rehearsals for Our House, fill the car up, send a couple of emails, speak to Ellie, give an hour to political knock down ginger (you knock at the door and it’s the occupants who run away), spend the afternoon with your girlfriend and head for the cinema (its OK that was Ben not me), drive up to the hospital to see Janine (that was me), come home, burn (I know I know  … how ?!) another pizza but make up for it by making a salad, half watch a programme on Shania Twain’s life story (man I think I’m a woman  …. ), scan the Guardian, collect Sam from a party, load the dishwasher, make a mental note to do the washing in the morning and head to bed to type this.

I hope you have been able to make the most of your Saturday as well.  I’ll let you know when Janine comes home. 

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