Friday, 4 February 2011

Subscriptions, Waiting, Anbetung and Erweckung and Fixture Clashes

Some of you have been asking about subscribing to the blog by email. 

Well on this dark and windy morning whilst we wait for another phone call, I have finally navigated my way through blog and internet speak (and we lawyers are supposed to be bad – I ask you) and if you want to receive email updates then have a look to the left and you should see a subscribe by email link. 

It’s likely that the activation email will end up in your Spam inbox so have a look for it there if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox.

Janine has gone all retro this morning and is lying on the sofa listening to a German Worship CD.  In a moment we are going to try and sneak in a coffee with some friends then hopefully it’s the call.  Otherwise, I’d better to do some work this afternoon – and establish just how I am going to watch Wales v England with Sam and the Might Royals v QPR all at the same time.  Why does that happen ? 

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