Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Antidotes and Adjustments

One of the fears I have had with this blog is that there is a fine line between being open and vulnerable and a descent into melancholy and self pity.

We listened to a talk yesterday which acted not just as an antidote to any tendency to make that descent but which also, for me, restored a sense of perspective.

The talk was by Bill Hybels, who leads Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.  Some of you will know that it was one passage in one talk he gave at a leadership conference back in 2003 which ultimately changed my career path and resulted in me doing what I am doing now.

This talk is from last Sunday and is on ‘Finding Courage: Living Faithfully’.  The Bible passage he takes is Habakkuk 3:18-20 which is a passage Janine referred to in her talk on the dark.  It is a deeply challenging message and there are some very moving stories of faith and courage in the face of incredible adversity.  If you want to listen, you can find it here  Thanks to Zoë for finding it.

In a similar vein are these thoughts from Rick Warren who leads Saddleback Church in California.

How about that line ‘Paul placed his faith in God’s identity, not in his ability to see God’s activity’ ?  It takes me back to the promise I mentioned in January, that God knows what he is doing even where we are unsure that he does. 

Thanks to Nicky for sending that link through.  It must have been easier than urgent calls in the middle of the night to come and stop the vomiting.

If you have been on Facebook today then you will have seen that Janine didn’t make it into hospital this morning.  As feared, there were no beds and the bed manager said that there is unlikely to be a bed now until next week although we should keep calling. 

There is something of a treatment crisis on the ward with some patients waiting since the end of Feb for treatment which sounded as though it was even more urgent than the chemo Janine is waiting for. 

With the sudden change of plans I suggested we head off to the cinema for what I consider something of a decadence, watching a film in the middle of the afternoon on a work day.  Not that I do that sort of thing - ever. I think I’ve managed it once.  It just seems the sort of reckless thing you should do. Ok, I know, if that’s my definition of reckless ……..  

Anyway, we eventually decided against.  Janine wasn’t feeling that great, it would have been an emotional risk and they would not have had enough tissues in the building.  The Adjustment Bureau had been the choice.  If I understand it, it’s a film about not necessarily having control over your future.  Hmm.  Interesting …………….. 

I’ll blog again if anything changes.

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